Free online dating service is very popular now. If you have firmly decided on a real meeting tentatively agreed on it is not on the Internet and by phone. After all, the impression of a man often helps to make its voice. And communication by telephone will be the first rehearsal of “live” communication. A voice can repel, attract, inspire confidence, or, conversely, cause irritation.

In addition, when communicating over the phone, you can assess the level of intellect and culture of the interlocutor, his literacy and education. Talk to the man and draw conclusions you may not want to meet him! It is worth making one small caveat: do not need to give your home phone number to anybody. It is cheaper and safer to buy “special” low-cost mobile phone, which you’ll use only for such calls. Third. How to choose a meeting place not in free online dating service Some men offer a meeting in the subway comfortable, warm, no need to pay. Question: Can we expect a serious relationship with a man who offers you the same? Well, you ride in a subway car, where the noisy, uncomfortable, did not really talk.

You want it?

Another thing the first meeting in a cafe or restaurant with brides. It is important not to be mistaken with a choice, it is best to go to a restaurant that you know well, so you’ll feel more confident. Consider clothing it must be not only beautiful but also quite comfortable. In the end, you can simply walk along the streets, if the weather allows. Do not settle during the first meeting to go to the guests A trip to the country, communicating with an unknown company also a risky option. Of course, not necessarily something should happen, but after its own security, you simply must. Best for the first meeting crowded place where you can leave alone, if such a desire.

Perform a good impression, establish contact or is happening in the first few minutes, or not happening at all. To launch a successful relationship must first be goodwill, openness, peace. As a topic of conversation is not worth choosing your miserable life, full of disease and physical difficulties, as it is better not to talk about previous relationships, trouble at work. The best way to find a neutral topic. Aerobatics to translate the conversation to the interests of your counterparts and find out that interest you the details. But the main thing do not be upset at the first failure. Find your second half, even with the help of the free online dating service still no easy matter. Believe in success and it will come!