Australian women

Until fairly recently, Sydney fashion was defined predominantly by three words – relaxed, comfortable, sporty. But now, thanks to a succession of internationally acclaimed Australian women taking the world by storm and making the harbour city their home, style-obsessed Sydney women are fast becoming the most fashion forward in the country.

Inspired by the greatest fashion designers in the world, Sydney fashion-lovers are leaving their Melbourne counterparts in their wake and proving themselves to be more adventurous, less conservative and more glamorous.

Who knew that when celluloid style icon Cate Blanchett decided to settle her family in Sydney permanently, she would help raise the creative stakes locally and spur a red carpet revolution which has seen Sydney women rush to emulate her.Ambition is no longer a dirty word for local creatives and Sydney’s 20 most stylish women are evidence that great style is about more than just deep pockets and having a personal stylist. It’s about attitude too and Sydney gals have it in spades.

Australian stylish women


Cool, elegant with an eye for gorgeous European couturiers – Givenchy, Giorgio Armani, Balenciaga, Alexander McQueen. With the world’s greatest designers always ready to lend the actress an outfit, Blanchett is given free rein to indulge an adventurous yet classic taste. She embraces fashion as art and recognises the beauty of female form as a sculptural opportunity.


When she takes off her mum-friendly romper gear, Murdoch – so tall and naturally beautiful the air is sucked from the room when she enters – wears clothes magnificently as though born to it, which of course she was. She likes strong lines on a feminine silhouette with Roland Mouret, Tom Ford favourites.


Always immaculately turned out, the fashion designer, who turned 70 in May, is a billboard for her own tailored, feminine, well-cut designs in high quality fabrics. She has previously said that she feels her design aesthetic is enhanced by her ability to retain her tiny mannequin-sized size eight figure.


Soooo glamorous and it’s all so effortless. Model-turnedactress Booth is the epitome of youth and style. The camera loves her and so too the directors who have been clamouring to cast her since her talent was discovered in 2007 when she picked up an AFI for Clubland. Pretty with a funky attitude.