Whenever the question is asked that is psychological consultation helpful in getting over a breakup the simple single word answer would be ‘Yes’. Psychological consultation has provided the answer to most of the people who wanted to know how to get over a breakup. But as far as psychological consultation is considered the quality becomes […]

The fashion industry is booming in Turkey as a result of a youthful population and strong economy. And with that trend has come the emergence of a new fashion magazine called Ala, whose target audience is the young Islamic professional woman.

Until fairly recently, Sydney fashion was defined predominantly by three words – relaxed, comfortable, sporty. But now, thanks to a succession of internationally acclaimed Australian women taking the world by storm and making the harbour city their home, style-obsessed Sydney women are fast becoming the most fashion forward in the country.

Does she worry about getting older seeing as her face and figure are always in the spotlight? ”Not really. I’ve never been one to worry about age, I’ve never been one to kind of see it as a barrier or something that should stop me. The minute my looks start to be a factor in

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There’s a reason why cinema favours a statuesque beauty in slow motion. There’s something about watching a woman who is famously gorgeous walking towards you. It’s nearly overwhelming. There is an otherness in a face and body that’s exceptionally well-formed. It’s like the world’s supply of beauty is being harboured by a select handful.