Does she worry about getting older seeing as her face and figure are always in the spotlight?

Does she worry about getting older seeing as her face and figure are always in the spotlight? ”Not really. I’ve never been one to worry about age, I’ve never been one to kind of see it as a barrier or something that should stop me. The minute my looks start to be a factor in whether I’m worthwhile in my industry, and whether I’m relevant, then I’ll give it up because I don’t want it to be solely about the external.”

From matters of the body to matters of the heart: Gale’s romance with AFL player Shaun Hampson of Carlton still makes headlines. Asked if she’s got any wedding plans, she chortles. ”Nothing at this stage. No, no. No nuptials. I’m happy.”

While her dating a sportsman makes her meet the definition of a WAG, it’s no good to call her one. Gale just isn’t into labels of any kind, even ‘’supermodel”.

”Labels limit how people see you as a person so I steer away from labels.”
Gale was one tipped to play Wonder Woman, but won’t discuss any acting projects of the moment. She constantly looks at scripts and has taken dialect coaching and acting workshops.

If she does end up acting, chances are, she’ll jump at the chance to do her own stunts. Among the things Gale has done as a model, she counts a commercial atop the Seattle Space Needle as among one of the craziest.

The advertisement for a communications company wanted an aerial shot taken from a helicopter of Gale on the roof. They did not want to see any kind of harness so said a stunt double could do it, or Gale herself could be attached to the roof by a cable hooked up to her ankle. She picked the latter.

Now for a bit about how the model manages to look the way she looks (genetics aside). Of her skin care regime, she explains cleanliness is key. She cleanses and moisturises morning and night. Her favourite product is the L’oreal Revitalift Repair10 BB cream BB standing for blemish balm which she adores for its dark-circle coverage and smoothing and hydrating properties.

The hair is taken care of with ”truckloads” of hair serum and instant miracle treatment. The bronzed colouring is courtesy of her part-Polynesian background, plus the odd spray-tan. The body stays in shape thanks to her road bike, plus Pilates, yoga and running habit.

Later, we watch Gale as she takes to the stage at the Astra Awards, subscription television’s night of nights. She walks out in a white figure-hugging Alex Perry gown, in which she glows. She struts out to the chorus of Timomatic’s If Looks Could Kill ”Baby, baby come look my way” playing over the sound system.