How to Get Over a Breakup

Whenever the question is asked that is psychological consultation helpful in getting over a breakup the simple single word answer would be ‘Yes’. Psychological consultation has provided the answer to most of the people who wanted to know how to get over a breakup. But as far as psychological consultation is considered the quality becomes more important than the quantity. Spending 2-3 hours a day at your psychologists can be only helpful in making you lean how to get over a breakup if your psychologist is addressing your issues in the best possible manner.

Many a times people wonder that is it necessary to find a psychologist if you want to learn how to get over a breakup? Well, loneliness and friendlessness are the problems that always remain at the top of list whenever heart breaking breakups are considered.

Different forms of Psychological Consultations

There are multiple ways through which you can share your feeling and enlighten yourself. It is not necessary for you to find a well qualified relationship psychologist when you have dear trust worthy friend by your side or a friendly family member. Psychological consultation can come from anyone as it is all about sharing your thoughts and getting positive reinforcement from someone.

There are three major types of psychological consultations that can help you in finding out how to get over a breakup: Consultation from a relationship psychologist, Consultation from a family member and consultation from a friend. Let’s discuss the advantages and disadvantages of these three major types of psychological consultations that will help you in keep going in life.

Psychological Consultation from a Relationship Psychologist

This is the best form of psychological consultation and why would it not be as you are paying someone to listen to your feelings and for getting some good piece of advice. The positive things about this type of psychological consultation is that it is almost 100% confirm that your will eventually find out how to get over a breakup. This thing really works as these relationship psychologists have got complete training in dealing with girlfriend – boyfriend and husband – wife matters. Moreover, they might have experienced dozens of cases, if not hundreds, that would be more or less similar to you. So, they are expected to know the best and the worst things in this regards and their recommendations are most likely to be spot-on.

There are only a couple of disadvantages linked to this type of psychological consultation. First, not everyone can afford consulting with a well qualified and experience relationship psychologist; and second, some people are unexpectedly shy and do not find themselves at ease while describing their relationship complexities to their psychologist. Despite these disadvantages consultation with a relationship psychologist is one of the best ways to learn how to get over a breakup.

Psychological Consultation from a Family Member

Family members are always around you and you and they play a very important role in each other’s life. Many people have very good brother sister relationship and often play the role of a psychologist without their knowing this fact. Learning how to get over a breakup would be far easier if you can share your feelings with someone at your home. A warm lap of mother a shoulder of a brother would make you forget all the bad things about this breakup in just a few days.

The biggest advantage of this type of psychological consultation is that it is free of cost and almost hundred percent working. You would not require having an appointment and you will find it easier to share your feelings with someone whom you trust as compared to sharing them with some unknown psychologist. While the disadvantages linked to this type of psychological consultation include sometime the suggestions put forward by your family members are unreliable and the process of finding out how to get over a breakup might become more difficult.

Psychological consultation from a Friend

No one is always so affording and have the luxury to stay at home whole of the year. A good percentage of people are living independently far from their family members and persons that really matter to them are their friends. Friends are the one with whom you can share everything without hesitation and chances are there that they might have gone through the situations quite similar to yours and would be in a position to give you a piece of good advice out of their personal experience. Still the disadvantages remain the same that this type of unprofessional advice may not be really useful in making you learn how to get over a breakup.