How To Re-Kindle Your Romance And Get Back That Spark

Here are 10 fantastic romantic tips that will put the love back into your relationship and get you back on track.

The Man In The Mirror

If you want to breathe new life into your lack luster relationship, you first need to look at yourself.

Its true what they say that in order to change anything in this life, we first need to look within ourselves, that the change first begins with us. Its true, ever changed the way you treated someone and notice their reaction toward you, both positive or negative? Its goes back to the basic fundamental principles of physics that states that for every reaction there is an equal and opposite reaction (Isaac Newton). This principle applies to relationships too. However you treat a person for the positive or the negative will come back to you with same energy.

So if you want to be treated with more love and affection you need to give it first resulting in receiving the treatment you want in return. Be more loving, more affectionate. Be more complimentary, find the good things about your partner or ex partner and tell them.

So be the change that you want to see, if you want your partner to love and acknowledge you, set the tone for that type of behavior first.

Communication Is Key

Learn to become an effective communicator, part of communication is also to listen. Talking to and listening to your partner makes them feel acknowledged, valued and loved and will help you to reconnect with them on a deeper more meaningful level.

Show Random Acts Of Affection

I cant find a better example of a couple that has defied the Hollywood stereotype of divorce. While you have celebrities splashed all over the news each day highlighting breakups and whose relationships are about to hit the skids there is a couple that flies under the radar and have defied the odds despite being heavily stacked against them, they are Antonio Banderas and Melanie Griffith.

The reason why they keep their relationship alive and strong even after 16 years of marriage isnt a given, in fact its the product of hard work.

Theyve worked to keep their marriage thriving and they do it with thoughtful little gestures each and every day with notes that say I love you placed everywhere to remind them of their commitment and love for each other. Why not take a page from their book and try it for yourself?

Push The Reset Button

Dont we all wish we had one of these? No matter how angry we got during an argument or the things we said in the heat of the moment that we could push a magic reset button and in a heartbeat take back all of the pain and hurt emotions.

Unfortunately no such button exists outside of a Harry Potter novel but its up to you to make that happen each and every day of your life.

Always see each day as a new beginning to potentially start over again. Remember each day what drew you to your partner or your ex in the first place. Why did you fall in love with them? What do you appreciate about them above all others? Get to know one another again, re-acquaint yourselves and reminisce about the special times that only the two of you have shared. Remember that each day is a gift, treat it as such.

Set A Relationship Goal

Working collectively on a goal not only unifies you and your partner but it gives you something tangible to work towards. Re-evaluate the things in your life, whats important to the pair of you? Where would you like to see the direction your relationship moving in 1, 2 or even 5 years from now? Write them down together and then hold each other to those goals to make them work. Make each other accountable for your part in the achievement of those goals and youll further strengthen and fortify your relationship.

Be Calm and Collected

If it was your behavior that had caused a dent in your relationship and caused it to cool, then change it. We humans are the only creatures with the true grasp of self awareness, if there are things about your behavior that you need to work on, then do so.

Validate and Show Appreciation

I know when youve been in a relationship for a while that its easy to take things for granted. You automatically assume that your partner knows you love and appreciate them, although it never hurts to verbalize it. Always acknowledge the good things they do and how to makes your life better.

Make Better Relationship Oriented Choices

Do you need to work as many hours as you do? Could you make more time for your partner/family? Could you work a little less or leave the office a little earlier if it means more time at home with your partner? Your relationship is determined by the choices you make and how you use your time. Re-evaluate your priorities and put your relationship on that list. Its easy to get caught up in work but these are the silent relationship killers that sneak up on us all. In short, make more time for the important things in life.

Spontaneity Is The Spice Of Life

Get the mystery back. Do things spur of the moment where the mood takes you. Go for an unplanned drive in the country. Go to dinner at a restaurant youve always wanted to go to but were always too busy. Life is for living NOW!, not for next week or next month or when I get around to it, life is too short to delay enjoying it for another day, now is the perfect time. Which would you rather have, a life time of I wis or memories from actually living your life? Youve got one life to live, make it a good one.

Date Nights

These arent just for the newly dating. Your relationship needs renewing on a daily basis to keep it strong and when you let it slide even for a month or two thats when things begin to take its toll.

This is a great way to reacquaint yourself with your ex or your current partner. The danger always sets into a relationship when you think you know everything there is to know about your partner. Lets be honest, youre never going to know everything there is to know about them despite what you may think.