Russian brides

For many Russian brides, actress Daria Sagalova became known after a co-starred in the TV series “Happy Together”, which is on TNT, where she plays a not very smart, but very attractive daughter of Gena and Dasha Bukina Light. Someone may remember the TV series “The Club”, which also has had time to remove this Russian brides. Someone Daria likely remembered for the feature films “On the river virgin,” “Solitude of Love”, “Night Sisters”.

But in addition to filming in feature films and serials,Russian brides, Daria Sagalova played different roles in performances. So she played in the productions of “Measure for Measure”, “The Nutcracker”, “fool.” And now become aware of another play, which is occupied Daria Sagalova and which will premiere on October 27. It is about the play “The sons and a mistress” directed by Olga Anokhin, which will go to the Theater. Vakhtangov.

“Acute intrigue, vivid and dynamic bends leave your favorite woman and capricious lover, loyal friend and a miracle-found children, and, of course, happy ending all components of lyrical ironic cocktail, mixed with the story is widely known and popular film” Marriage Italian. “In addition Daria Sagalova Cast actors such as Catherine Strizhenova, Zhanna Epple, Marina Yakovleva, Mikhail Bagdasarov, Alexander Dedeyushka and others.