Signs Your Ex Girlfriend Still Likes You: She Wants You Back

Girls are not bold and outspoken like boys. They have a tendency to hide their feelings deep in their heart. After a breakup it becomes extremely hard for them to say that they still love you. All you can expect is some positive signs your ex girlfriend still likes you in their words and their attitudes. If you too are interesting in getting your ex back in your life then you have to be looking for these signs all the times. If you are vigilant enough you can easily pick up these signs your ex girlfriend still loves you and plan your strategy accordingly.

There are few signs that strongly depict that your ex girlfriend is still interested in you. These signs are listed below priority wise going through which would help you in managing your relationship in a much better way.
First of the signs your ex girlfriend still likes you is that she tries to contact you:

Whenever things happen like that when your emotions take control of your body and you do something that is really unwanted a strong feeling of regret develops. Out of these feeling of regret one develops a strong desire to contact their ex and apologize for all what has happened. If you see that you ex girlfriend is trying to call you again and again and continues to send you text messages and emails then this is one of the sure signs your ex girlfriend still likes you.

She can not see you pain

This is universal rule that whenever someone likes a person he can not see him/her in pain and agony. Parents can not see their children in pain; children can not see their parents in pain. Similarly, when your ex still loves you she will get anxious on your being in distress. This does not really mean that you have to in physical pain to find out the response of your ex girlfriend rather mental distress or an unpleasant event of your life will make her sad.

She starts taking care of herself

If you notice that your ex girlfriend is looking more charming and attractive every time you see her then believe that this is not just a co incidence. Many girls try to look attractive and have a get up that is more appealing to their ex when they are interesting in getting them back in their lives. If your ex is wearing your favorite color and dressing nicely and having a make up on that she did not used to have then this is quite intentional. You must not take it casually and miss this sign.

She praises you in front of others

In this world nobody praises a person whom he does not like. If you find out that you ex girlfriend is praising you in front of other for more than one time then this is one of the sure sings you ex girlfriend still likes you. She might be spending more time with your and her mutual friends and would love discussing you with them. This is a common hobby of all those girls who love a person but are unable to communicate with him directly.

She does not say ‘Goodbyes’

Whenever you two are talking on a phone or chatting on internet and you find out that it is always you who ends the conversation then be sure that you ex girlfriend still have some strong feelings for you in her heart. She does not want to lose you. She is interested in you to an extent that she can talk to you for hours and hours without a strong reason. And eventually you will find out that it happens to be you who is terminating the conversation.

She treats your friends and family nicely

When you see that your ex girlfriend is being overly nice to your friends and family then this is a signs that she still likes you and wants to win your heart back. This is a very useful tip that is used by most of the girlfriends who want to get their boyfriends back after the breakup. First of all it will make you feel good that someone is treating your beloved ones nicely and you will develop some more respect for her. On the other hand her treating your people nicely will make them suggest you that she is a very nice girl and you should get her back in your life. This is how worlds works and you got to keep your eyes open all the time.

She tells you her achievements

The last sure sign that your ex girlfriend still likes you is that she tells you about her achievements. If you see that you are first person to know about her success then there is something special between you and her. She is still interested in being with you and wants to make you feel special. She wants you to be happy in her happiness and looking forward to spend a long happy life by your side. This can be an academic achievement or that she has got a better job. No matter what is it, the thing that matters is that she is telling all this to you.

Taking notice of all these signs is very important when you too are interested in getting your ex girlfriend back. You ex might not dare say a word but all her acts and her attitude will show that she is still interested in getting you back. She might do it for a few months or so and if you do not take notice of all these things she will start believe that you are no more interested in getting her back. Thus she might quit all her effort of making you realize that she still thinks about you for hours and hours before going to sleep. It is you who need to notice the signs your ex girlfriend still likes you before it gets too late.