Social Dating Etiquette for Impression

OK, so you have explored yourself and found that you are ready to date the dream guy or gal next door. After the perfect move of asking him or her out but what you need to do next to make sure that the date gives a lasting impression? Dating is about accomplishing something in addition to meeting friends, having fun and perhaps meeting a potential life partner but what you do during the important event really makes a different when it comes to dating someone important.  

Dating etiquette

Below is some of the social dating etiquette you must observe in order to make an impact when dating someone important.

  1. Keep Your Dress Simple. Subtly does it when dressing for a date. Keep in mind that a simple dress will make up for any occasion. If you are in doubt, pare down and reserve your most trendy rags for parties or Saturday’s night out with your bunch of friends. The reason is that men have pretty conventional about what constitutes women fashions and vice-versa if you are a guy, sophistication will lead to more comparison. So being simple will always save your day. Having said that, you do not have to dress like a Sunday school teacher if that’s not your style.
  2. What Make Up To Use. Listen up, the same thing goes for make up. Natural look goes a very long way if you are a gal in teens, twenties or even early thirties. Mild make up will do if you want to touch up a bit to your confident. The main aim here is to look clean and pretty. As for men, you should not even think of putting on a make up unless you are on a movie set. Nevertheless, make extra effort to move excess oil or dirt on your face especially if you are in a hot climate.
  3. Type of Perfume. Go easy on the perfume especially if you like the potent French variety. You want to knock your date out with your beauty, charm, wit and intelligent, not with scent on your body.
  4. Keep any Criticism to yourself. One of the most common mistake people do in dating is talk bad about other people. Don’t fall into this trap even though you have no topic to talk on. Do not bitch about your colleagues, friends or even family members. All the negativity blurted out from your mouth will give a bad impression on your own self. You must also forbid yourself from picking on your date. Even minor criticism like correcting his or her pronunciation, what he/she wears or for using the wrong cutlery will send your image down the drain.
  5. Do not show off. Showing off or bragging is one sure way to put a halt to any future dates. No one likes a know-it-all type but with little brain content. So do not try to fool your date to think that your should be worshipped.
  6. Show your Presence. In the other hand, do not act too cool either. What is the point of going out on a date if you are not going to say anything? Keep your conversation light, free flowing and interesting. You do not have to come out with a great topic, sharing something funny that happened during work or why you love/hate the last vacation will do the work.
  7. Maintain Air of Mystery. Do not reveal too much of yourself in early dating stages. You will not know what your date is expecting during this time as you do not know him or her well enough. Your date may not want to know how many girl or boyfriend you had on a first few dates. Therefore, use your judgment and keep your conversation light and neutral. Topic to avoid are, i) more successful ex boy/girlfriend, ii) ex husband/wife, iii) your health problem and etc.
  8. Do Not Keep Your Date Waiting. If you feel like catching some air or touch up your make up, do not keep your date waiting for more than 20 minutes. 20 minutes is enough to make your date realize that you are not worth the wait and you might not see him/her again as 20 minutes is enough to escape even a fully pack restaurant.
  9. Don’t Be Late. Do not arrive late to pick your date up on a first date and in fact you must not also be late on any subsequent date unless you have a very good excuse every time you are late. The reason is simple, you undermine your own credibility every time you show up late in your date.
  10. Offer to Pay. If you are a guy, you must always pay on first few dates and if you are a girl, whipping your credit card look cool to a guy. But of course do not let any girl pay on your first few dates even she whip her credit card.
  11. Play t Cool and Safe. Pulling back a bit especially on the first few date could make a lot of different to know whether the other party is interested to go out with you. This will make you seems to be more desirable and valuable. Therefore, the golden rule is «Do not be too open on a first date as you will never know what next».

The above rules will help you to maintain your standard while dating someone that you do not know long but you intend to give a good impression even from the first very outing. So go out, have fun dating and good luck.