Taking Your Relationship to the Next Level

Has your relationship changed? Are you wondering what’s next? Where will this relationship go? No matter how long you’ve been together there will be a time when you’ll wonder if your relationship is ready to move to the next level.

This is not about having the “commitment” conversation. There are many “levels” to a relationship. The next level in your relationship can be anything from becoming physically intimate to introducing him to your friends, going away for the weekend together to getting engaged. With each stage of your relationship, you need to evaluate where your relationship is and if you want to move it to the next level. While it may seem like an easy thing to do, it’s hard to be objective when it’s your relationship.

If you’ve already fallen for him, you’ll only see what you want to see.

If you’ve just begun dating, you really know him well since he’ll be putting his best foot forward.

Also, some men deliberately attempt to hide their true colors, usually because their true intentions aren’t good.

These factors can make an honest evaluation difficult.

However to make sure taking your relationship to the next level is right for you , this evaluation is necessary.

How to reach next level

  1. Decide what the next level is for your relationship. This is pretty straight forward, after all this is why you’re evaluating where your relationship is.
  2. Look at any warning signs that this relationship is not heading where you want it to be. This is why you need to know what you want in a relationship and what type of man you want to be with. Also, you need to look for signs of abusive behavior and sudden changes in his personality. Is he the type of person you want to be with?
  3. Be honest, are you happy in this relationship? Are you happy with your life as a whole? When you’re not happy, you may be willing to put up with more from a man in order to keep that relationship going, so that you’re not alone. Do you have friends to talk to and go out with? Do you have activities you enjoy? These things are important to your relationship.
  4. How does he treat you? Has his behavior changed? Are things getting better or getting worse? Look at the time you’re together. Is he still showing interest in you? It can be tempting to move your relationship to the next level in order to get back the attention of a man, but it won’t work, at least not long-term. Sure he’ll be there for a while, but if he’s not interest and is showing this in his behavior towards you, you need to be willing to let go.
  5. Are you getting your needs met and are you meeting his needs? What do you need from him in order to make this relationship work for you? What does he need. This is something you’ll need to look at with him. As your relationship grows, you’ll need to know each others needs. As these needs are met, you’ll find your bond growing stronger.
    If you think about it, you can probably answer these questions fairly quickly. The answers will usually pop in your head as you read them. Listen to your first thoughts because those are the ones that you really believe. Anything after that is you trying to rationalize and adjust the answers to fit what you want them to be.

I can’t tell you if taking your relationship to the next level is a good idea . That decision will ultimately be yours. Just remember by asking these questions you’ll be able to see if your relationship has the chance at being one of those happy and loving relationships that can stand the test of time.

Taking your relationship to the next level can be a big decision. You want to have a certain type of relationship, but know that it doesn’t always work out the way you want it. You want to Connect and Commit , and it is possible, you just need to learn the things that can take your relationship to the next level of commitment.