The Magic of Making Up

There are self-help dating books that are helpful to you at the initial stages of your relationship, when things are rosy and there’s no single problem in sight. There are also books that will come in handy after your relationship has ended and you’re learning how to move on.

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by T. W. Jackson

The Magic of Making Up by T. W. Jackson is a book you might want to have when you’re in limbo, torn between making the decision to get back with your ex and leaving everything to start a new life.  

I call this relationship stage the «all or nothing» phase because anything you do at this point could either lead to getting back the love you lost or letting that ray of hope die. At this point, lovers who shared sweet memories together are forced to decide whether or not their love’s worth fighting for. This isn’t an easy stage in any relationship, and at first you might feel hesitant about reading something that expresses your feelings for your partner when you’re torn between forgiving and forgetting.
However, if you’re keen on finding out the steps you can take to start the process of reconciliation and finally understand the factors that led up to your relationship break down, you must read this book.

Some people have used The Magic of Making Up as their sole ‘getting back together’ resource and for good reason.

This can also be called the encyclopedia of step-by-step plans to re-igniting the flame of your love for each other. Moreover, the Magic of Making up is a resource that bluntly points out what you might have done (or could be doing) to make things more difficult between you and your partner.
The only potential drawback to The Magic of Making up is the inclusion of a section on «dating again». I mean, for a resource that teaches how «making up», this section on moving on seems out of place.

However, from the point of view of someone who has tried everything to keep a relationship going but failed in the end, this section could be of great help. It keeps the reader grounded, so to speak. The message is clear: you can try everything in your power to get your ex back, but you have to be ready to move on if your ex really does not want to get back with you.
The Magic of Making Up comes with two separate ebooks: Mind Magic and The Clean Slate Method all by T. W. Jackson.

Mind Magic will teach you a simple psychological tactic you can use on your ex to initiate the process of making up. In this book is a sample letter that exemplifies how you can make the psychological trick work to your benefit. This book alone makes the purchase of the Magic of Making Up worth it.
The other bonus is The Clean Slate Method. This book will teach you how to apologize properly. If you’ve hurt someone in the past, whether it’s someone you love or someone you just interact with on a daily basis, you might have realized just how difficult it is to say you’re sorry. This book simplifies the process in four simple steps. After reading this book, I learned how easy it is to really apologize to another person if you really want to win back that person’s love and trust.

A sizable segment of the main book is dedicated to the things you can do when the crucial moment of «meeting again after the break up» comes. For me, this deserves a special mention in this review because there are a lot of things that hinge on this particular event. You see, your reconciliation depends on how you behave during the date. It could be your last chance to make up with your ex, and it could also be your last meeting with someone you loved dearly before you finally let go.