True Love Calculator

This true love calculator confronts issues relating to matters of the heart and love relationships head-on. Consequently, real issues are addressed in a realistic manner with no-holds barred. Additionally, serious issues will not be trivialized in a computer game fashion. And that is because games are games and serious business is serious business. The two are totally different things altogether. Thus, jokes and jests are best left to where they trully and rightfully belong – at the global circus of clowns’ network – not where something as delicate as matters of the heart are involved! For this reason, the only true love calculator on the net confronts issues relating to matters of the heart and love relationships head-on. Zodiac love matches will not get you anywhere. Even love psychic and fortune tellers cannot and will not help you. Only this true love calculator can truly determine the level of compatibility and other issues in your relationship with your partner.

Is this Another Relationship Matchmaker?

The answer to that question is capital NO. The true love calculator is not a relationship matchmaker. Hence, l will not gaze into any crystal ball and use a love horoscope to make forecasts or predictions about your present relationship or your next relationship or why you do not seem to be”getting it right”in all your relationships. l will not even tell you to”tell me your name and l will tell you who you are”; simply because a person’s personality goes way beyond just the person’s name. On the other hand, this is a love tester or love meter which may be used to determine the health condition of any relationship. And the technique that we will use here is to derive truthful answers to some relationship questions.

By endeavouring to give as truthful an answer as possible to these questions, it will be possible to determine the state of health of any relationship. l have a feeling that you already have a good idea of the state that your relationship is presently in as to whether it is good, fair or even bad. So, l am not going to send you any”Dr. Love thinks…”canned impassionate scripts devoid of any human emotions whatsoever. lt is you alone who have the capacity to truly access your relationship without any bias, if you are indeed sincere with yourself. All l can do is to point you in the right direction with some very pertinent, probing test questions. ln the end, you will score yourself objectively. And it doesn’t just end with scoring yourself with the love calculator.

The crucial question that needs an urgent answer is: Is it your desire to set things right in your relationship if things are not going so well between your partner and yourself? Should you find out from the objective analysis of your relationship using this love calculator that the bulk of the problem rest squarely in your court, are you prepared to make an about-turn in your character and”go and sin no more”? And if your relationship is good at present, do you desire to improve upon it and make it better? lt Is Time!

Well, it is now time therefore to really put your relationship to the test using the true love calculator, that is, if you are prepared to make the necessary personality changes required to set matters right in your relationship with your partner. So, if you truly desire to find out how your relationship score with the true love calculator and how to put matters right with your ailing relationship, please pick a pen and paper and answer the following questions objectively.

True Love Advice Questions – How Did You Score?

Have you finished the objective self-analysis of your relationship using the twenty (20) relationship questions itemised above? Take note that each question carries equal marks of 5%. And while a”Yes”answer carries a 5% mark, a”No”or”Cannot Say”answer carries a 0% (zero) mark. Alright, go ahead and score yourself. So, how did you score in your relationship in percentage? 50%? 60%? 70%? Or above 70%? Then that is great. But there is always room for improvement in the relationship of everyone. And do you know why? It is because there is no perfect relationship on God’s green earth – since all of mankind are imperfect. So it is very unlikely that you will get a 100% score in your relationship in this relationship test. However, that is not to say that 100% score is impossible, but such relationships are uncommon and very rare indeed.

On the other hand, irrespective of whatever score you got in the self-analysis test of your relationship, there is always room for improvement. The important thing is for there to be a strong desire and willingness to improve and make your relationship better than it already is. Conclusively, there is the need for everyone to take an in-depth look at his / her relationship in order to determine whether it is ailing or not. l firmly believe that when wisely used, this love calculator enshrined in this write-up can help determine the state of health of all love relationships today.

Compatibility Test for About-to-Wed Couples

The relationship questions featured here can indeed be used to examine any form of relationship. However, if you are dating someone and the relationship is getting intense by the passing day and the possibility of marriage is inevitable, it might be wise to take the relationship test conducted here a step further by doing a compatibility test. No, not might be wise – it is highly recommended that you conduct this compatibility test before making any marriage preparations. And Please, please, please, l cannot repeat this often enough. Do not go into marriage without first doing this compatibility test. lt will surely save you a load of headache later on after marriage!