True Love Defined Part 1

Do you know the true meaning of love? Well, true love defined in simple terms is a strong emotional and affectionate bond which a person has towards a member of the opposite sex. As simple as this definition is, sadly, many persons do not understand this sort of love. And that is not without good reason. It is because they do not have the proper understanding of the real meaning of love. Even a popular musician proudly sang in one of his rap music”l cannot say l love you. l don’t know what that means. l’m a pimp!”Oftentimes, even those who say they are”in love”confuse a feeling of convenience and the act of motivation in a relationship for love. This is in accordance with the classical school of thought that is held by many people regarding love – especially when viewed against the background that the traditional meaning of love has become unpopular with our modern day generation. But, let me give you a little insight on love.

Love Explained In Simpler Terms

lt is pertinent to state here that there are different forms of love. Some of the most commonest forms of love are mother-daughter love, father-son love, love between siblings, love between close friends, doctor-patient love, teacher-pupil love and so on. Hence, for the sake of clarity, the meaning of love explained in detail in this write-up is the love existing between lovers – especially members of the opposite sex. Hence, love may be defined as a warmth affectionate feeling which a person has towards the opposite sex based on certain endearing intrinsic qualities which that person has found in that one. As a result of this, the person who is in love may consider these qualities difficult to find in someone else or even be extremely reluctant to search out for in another person.

Similarly, according to Dictionary. com, love is”noun- 1. a profoundly tender, passionate affection for another person. 2. a feeling of warm personal attachment or deep affection, as for a parent, child or friend”. In like manner, love, genuine, undying, true love, does not need prompting or motivation. Additionally, it is expressed unconditionally without promise of monetary or material gifts or even sexual gratification and irrespective of whether it is convenient or not for the person expressing it to do so. Therefore, the person possessing love – true love, that is – for another, usually the opposite sex, simply expresses the deep emotional feeling that he or she has towards the other without waiting to be prompted or motivated by gifts in kind or cash.

The loving person just allows the love to pour out freely from him or her without even expecting an expression of gratitude from the other party because as far as he or she is concerned, it is the most natural thing to do. Thus, the loving person expresses this love because by so doing he or she is satisfying an innate need emanating from deep within his or her sub-consciousness to give everything he or she has unselfishly – without holding anything back – to the subject of his or her affection.

When such an unselfish expression of love is mutually expressed by the two parties involved in the relationship, such a relationship can honestly be regarded as a perfect relationship. That is the true meaning of love in the simplest form possible. For a more detailed explanation on the true meaning of love, please refer to the wonderful, recording-breaking, newly-released e-book, “The True Meaning of Love”by Kome Itoje. You can claim your free download of this e-book -“The True Meaning of Love”- completely FREE at the following web page: True Love Advice Newsletter. This e-book is in pdf format and you will need the PDF software installed on your computer in order to be able to read it. Let us now consider the following timely question: how can true love be found and identified?

Well, the true love calculator gives some very useful suggestions and recommendations on how to find and identify true love.

Love Compared with Lust On the other Hand, what do we find in the world today?

Love is acutely lacking everywhere we look. Lust has taken over the lives of many people completely. Sexual promiscuity – in the name of”game playing”- is the order of the day. So, there is widespread lack of affection among lovers and sexual promiscuity is the order of the day among boys, girls, men and women, married or not. So, both men and women openly admit without any shame whatsoever that they are”players”. Yet, these same persons claim to be searching for true love! ls that not amazing – how can somebody claim to be a player and yet be searching for true love? Amazing indeed! But, let me state categorically here that players do not and cannot express true love. Though true love is something desirable to everyone, including players, any professed desire for true love by players is mere lip-service and should not be taken seriously.