True Love Defined Part 2

While it is true that nobody is perfect, it is equally a fact that it is the same imperfect humans – the generation of our parents – who treasured true love in the past. Thus, it is an aberration to consider playership (lustfulness) and true love on the same platform. The distinction between true love and lust is glaringly obvious as they are miles apart. While a lustful person or player is selfish, greedy, conceited, self-centred, dishonest and lack every good motive, a person who possess true love is sensitive, caring and loving. The person possessing true love does not primarily seek to take. The loving person takes into consideration the needs and feelings of his or her partner, while regarding his or her own personal needs and interests as secondary. The person possessing true love gives, gives and yet seek further ways to give. That is the true meaning of love. Is it any wonder then that true love is not popular and is so elusive today? As a matter of fact, with the manner at which there is so much hype about promiscuity in the secular world today one is forced to wonder if the word faithfulness and loyalty means anything to many people any longer.

Even most married persons see infidelity as acceptable behaviour and do not regard marriage as a holy estate anymore. Thus, one is inclined to conclude that true love is dead! With this state of affairs, it becomes difficult for people genuinely interested in finding true love to differentiate between love and lust as people who are engaging in sex are said to be”making love”; when in the true sense of the word what they really feel is lustfulness. Anyway, this should not surprise you because this behaviour is characteristic of a society lacking genuine affection and love. In order to have a deeper understanding of what love relationship is all about, we will explore the different forms of relationships obtainable in the web page, relationship scenarios. Love and Romance – Then and Now With true love defined as it has been done in this article, is this sort of love truly possible to attain in our modern day society? In other words, is true love utopia or is it really attainable?

l honestly believe that it is possible, though very rare to attain and accomplish. Yes, the good news is that real and genuine true love is still attainable despite the widespread lovelessness in the world today; albeit with a lot of careful scrutiny and perceptiveness. This is because the world is no longer how it used to be some 40 or 50 years back. During those days – the days of our parents or grandparents – life was much simpler and fun to live than now. Simple things like a sweet-smelling rose had great value in the eyes of young girls and ladies at that time. An innocent simple kiss on the cheek by little kids was the perfect thrill for grown-up onlookers. That is the expression of an unadulterated, true love in those days. It is a fact that men in general were certainly more caring, sensitive and romantic during those days and women appreciated these qualities as well. During those days, women and damsels were treated with the utmost respect and dignity by men. A man won’t think anything of it to bend low and kiss a lady on the back of her right hand while looking at her eyes and greet her”Bonjour Mademoiselle”. But, who does that these days – maybe in romance movies, perhaps?

Similarly, women were treated as”ladies first”- doors were opened for them, chairs were drawn out for them to sit on, while their male escorts ensured that they were as comfortable as they could ever be. They were treated like Queens. And when it was time to propose marriage, the man would simply kneel down at her feet and say: “will you marry me, Princess?”And the pretty queen would simply look at him with a pink blush in her supple cheeks, looking radiant with love in her eyes and say: “Yes!”. Those were the days! But is that the true expression of love? A case study would certainly do a lot to reveal the right answer in this regard. But, my thinking is that women stopped appreciating the simple things of life because men stopped providing them.

So, the lack of true love today is traceable to the two sexes. Yes, indeed, true love has remained elusive to a larger extent due to the value system of people in general which has changed so drastically from the days of our parents when the simple things of life mattered the most. Times have truly changed and people have changed with the times too. People have stopped showing love any more. They have ceased to be the loving, caring and sensitive persons that they once were. A greedy, selfish and loveless spirit has taken over humanity in general where at one time there used to be love and affection. The simple things in life which spark up and enliven relationships are now treated as”bullshit”by almost everyone – at least 99. 9% – including the society at large.

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Yes, times have truly changed indeed. And even parents are not left out either. Many parents have lost their natural ties and love for their offsprings and there is constant fight and bickering among many siblings who most often than not are forced to live in a broken home and grow up without experiencing true love. It is obvious therefore that the influence of the homefront, parental upbringing and family background has a direct bearing and correlation with people’s disposition towards true love nowadays. But that is not to say that one cannot still get an ideal relationship where there is true love, commitment, trust and understanding. Of course you can. You only need to be patient, observant and selective in your choice of who to befriend in your love relationship. We will take this matter further in the article “What is the Role of Romance in a Relationship?”

The society equally shares part of the blame as it actively promote this promiscuous way of life in the media, fashion and style as”freedom”, “sexual liberation”, the”in thing”, etc.

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