Why Women Leave? The 8 Most Common Reasons

If you are reading this article then most likely you are having a tough time in your relationship. Well, women leave men, in every part of this world, ending a relation before it was meant to be. But the healing process starts from finding logical answers to your troubles. For all those who are having a terrible time with their partners, knowing that why women leave men is of grave importance.

Always remember that correct diagnosis is the first part of treatment. If you know that what is that matter which is pushing you and your partner too far in this hatred only then you can tackle it in the best way. So, this article is about mentioning warning signs for those who are in a relation and as a guide for all those who are looking forward to have a long term happy relation ship with their partners. «Why women leave?» is no more a mystery or an unanswered question. The answer to this question is given in the form of following points:

Are you cheating on her?

Blame yourself first. That’s the way to go. All women are possessive about their partners. No women can bear her husband or boyfriend taking interest in other girls. And when you start cheating on her then things go gross and she may shout at you one day. Even if she does not say anything a storm of hatred would start growing in her heart that would show itself as bad mood and loss of interest in mutual affairs.

Cheating on her does not mean that you are having sexual relationships with her. Actually anything related to another woman that would deprive your partner of your attention and time that she was expecting is cheating. Moreover, she will start thinking that she is not fulfilling your needs and you do not need her anymore. This is something women can not stand and it’s the most common reason why women leave.

Do you express your love?

Even if you are having turmoil of emotions rich of love and care running in your heart; without proper and frequent expression it is just a dust storm. Taking women granted is the biggest mistake that men do and is among the major reasons why women leave. Women need frequent expression of love; it is in their psychology. Your just thinking that she is looking nice would bring rust to your relation. On the other hand, your few words of praise would keep her close to your heart. Tell her that how good she is at cooking and how well she is managing your home. Whenever emotions become thoughts women leave.

She needs money and you do not have enough!

Money is directly affecting our relationships. Money can keep people happy. Whenever, you are having troubles paying the bills women may lose control of their selves. Getting your landline number disconnected for not paying bill might not be a big issue for you, but for women, it is. This put too much stress on their mind and they can not hold longer. They will start blaming you and their anger and resentment will start touching skies. If you are going to have a relationship then «Be cautious!» This very important reason behind women’s leaving men. You must assess that what your lady is expecting before indulging into a fulltime relationship. Losing your job is finding trouble with your partner.

Are you experiencing a communication breakdown?

Every happy relationship is based on good friendship. No matter it’s a father-son relationship or brother-sister; friendship is the bases if every relationship. Friendship is the other name of sharing your thoughts. If you do not feel like sharing your thoughts with your female partner then be sure that she will get distant with every passing moment.

Better communication is pillar of every good relationship. If you are wondering why women leave and how the misconceptions develop between couples, you better have a look into this lack of communication dilemma. Remember women communicate differently then men. So, you have to do a little extra effort to know that what she wants but is unable to say.

You do not have time for her!

Men have to handle more burden than the women. They have to keep an eye on multiple things at the same time. They need to maintain a delicate balance of time distribution between work and family failing to which can result in development of frustration in women. Leaving her alone will make her distant to you. She might feel that you are deliberately spending more time at work because you are losing interest in her. This is detrimental to your relationship without your knowing it.

Provocation from 3rd party.

While you and your partner are having good time together many people around you may get jealous. If you are not good at communication with your partner then many people would love adding fuel to the fire. You need to be vigilant in this regard as this can be her parents or your dearest friend. Many people have annoying psychology of taking things negatively and if they keep on expressing their poisonous thought to your partner the day might come when she will listen to them instead of you. This is why women leave men without any fault on men’s side.

Are you a good husband and good father?

If you are turning to your partner only to fulfill your sexual desires then do not even try to think that she will believe that you love her. Rather she will start thinking as if she is just like a toy to you. Women need many other things than that. Sharing and caring are key elements of good relationship and she must feel that in your gesture. If you are being good to her and her children then there is no way that she will ever think about leaving you.

She likes someone else!

You do not have to be skeptical about them but this might be appearing as a harsh reality in some cases. Women are like a deep ocean of emotions. Who knows your partner might be still having some feelings for her ex boyfriend or husband. She might get double minded and choose him over you. But you do not have to worry as this is one of the least frequent reasons why women leave men.

«Why women leave?» is a question of masses and the most common reason behind these tragic break ups are mentioned above priority wise. These are sensitive issues that require your all time vigilance. You need to understand women’s psychology and act according to that if you really want to know why women leave.